Annapurna Trekking Guidebook

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Annapurna Circuit

The classic Nepalese trek since 1977, encompassing verdant Hindu lowlands and high-altitude Tibetan Buddhist landscapes. Most of the recent changes to trekking in Nepal affect this route, so much of the guide concentrates on this trek, introducing some previously neglected side trips and new alternatives to walking on or close to the new ‘roads’. It remains a fabulous trek. 

Annapurna Sanctuary

Another classic favourite where little change, other than ever-improving comfort, has occurred. The views from this cloud-bubbling cauldron are still hard to beat.

Ghorepani Circuit

Affectionately known as the Poon Hill Expedition, this has all the ingredients for a short, spell-binding adventure. Terraced hillsides, fairytale forests and soaring snow-covered spires combine to make it a memorable sojourn.

Annapurna Dhaulagiri

Once a hidden treasure, this route is gradually becoming more popular. Still mainly a camping option, its high isolated ridges will soon see an influx of trekkers, as community homestays open along its lower reaches. The airy belvederes of the Kopra Ridge are sensational; even the most experienced trekking hand will be blown away. 

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    The mysterious mountain...
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The mysterious mountain...
The mysterious mountain...